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Its Sunday, Say I LOVE YOU to someone special ...
A Boy who hated his mom because she had one eye, His class mates were laughing and making fun of him each time his mother can to visit him in school, he then asked his mother never to visit him in school again.

After secondary school he got a scholarship to study in London, after many years he came back home got a good job and had his own family, his mother visited them one day, he kicked her out, "go back to where ever you are coming from and don't ever come back here again to scare my kids". His mom went away with broken a heart.

After some years, The mother learnt that his son heard a heart disease needing a new heart, she couldn't bear to loose her son and thus gave her heart anonymously to save him. After the heart transplant, the man decided to visit his mom's house but it was locked, there was no one inside!

He asked her neighbour: where is my mom? They gave him a letter written as follows:

"My dearest son, I know that you hated me so much, but I love you so much that’s why I GAVE YOU MY EYE and my HEART, when you where a baby you playfully fell of a chair and lost your eye, I couldn't watch you Grow with One eye so I gave you one of mine, and when I heard of your heart problem, I couldn't bear my grand children without their father so I gave you my Heart, Let them know I love them as much as I LOVE YOU"

The man broke down in tears and asked again where is my mother?
Neighbours: she passed away few months ago.

People around you care for you, Do not take their LOVE for granted. Say I LOVE YOU to someone special ...


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