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Say No to Wife Battery
by flukky01 « on: May 14, 2014, 12:38:53 PM »

A Misconception By Christians.
My heart bleeds today as i have finally lost one of my closest female friends to this inhuman attitude called " Wife Battery" as the lady in question finally died this morning in the hospital. All these because her Pastor and family refused to support her in divorcing her animalistic husband in which the Bible also never supports Wife Battery. May Her Soul Rest In Perfect Peace.
When i see the rising rate of Wife Battery and Homicides being committed by many Christian Men including Pastors nowadays and their Wives not being able to seek justice or divorce, i see that these irresponsible men only take advantage of the Scriptures(Holy Bible) to continually commit this act.
What religious and moral justification does a Man has to continually turn his Wife into a punching bag and eventually murdering his own wife? Well i have come to a conclusion that only a Man with low-self esteem, planless future and No shame continually beats up his wife.
While Islamically, Divorce is supported and allowed with Conditions in Quran 65 v 1-7(Al-Talaq) which settles this issue of a Wife being continually abused physically by her husband In Islam.
Moreover i have researched on most tribal cultures in Nigeria and around the world, and i found out that they also support Divorce with Conditions attached to it. Also, the Nigerian Constitution allows and supports Divorce with Conditions.
So, after properly studying and understanding what Mark 10 says about Marriage, i have finally found out that Mark 10 v 9 also has conditions attached to it.
Most Weddings and Marriages of nowadays are not ordained by God and not joined by God but by Men, Parents, Money, Politics, Obsession, Lust, Tribal and Racial Sentiments even if they were joined inside the Church through to the following Instances:
1. A Marriage where a Man continually beats his wife into Coma and Unconscious state cannnot be joined by God because Our God is not a God of Error and Wickedness.
2. A Marriage where a Woman agrees to marry the Man because he is from her tribe, church, race, political party etc is not from God but by Man.
3. A Marriage where you marry him or her because he/she is handsome or preety and financially bouyant without considering your spiritual and emotional compatibilities while dating him or her is not joined by God but by you(Men).
4. A Marriage where you marry the Man because of your parents political, economic and financial selfish interest, is not joined by God but by Man.
So to all my Friends intending to get married thisYear, Marry a Man or Woman that loves you More but Not Obsessed With You, Marry A Man that sees you as his best and closest friend, Marry a Man that you can withstand his Temperament even while dating him, Test his Temperament but Dont Tempt him because Test brings out the best and positive Answer you desire but Temptation brings out the Negativity and Fall of a Man. God Tested Abraham but Devil Tempted Jesus Christ.
So, If Your Husband Continually Beats You up in Marriage without remorse or regret, please i am advising You to seek Divorce or Seperation from him and if your Pastor says No, Tell your Pastor to show you where it is writtten in the Bible that, A Woman who is continually beaten into unconsciousness by her Husband Must Not Divorce such Man, especially when You are Nearest To Your Grave in such a Marriage.
Ladies open your eyes and pray very hard before saying " I DO " because " A Broken Relationship is better than A Broken Marriage"
A Man, God has destined to be your life Partner can never be a Man that Turns You into a punching bag at the slightest provocations or Misunderstanding because Our God Is not a Wicked God.

by Olusegun Caxton Akintade:


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