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Horse child: Woman was barren for 11 years before mystery baby
by dayod247 « on: September 13, 2012, 04:04:01 PM »

Other details regarding the birth of a Horse by a woman emerged yesterday when it was disclosed that the woman had been barren for 11 years before the incident of the Horse baby. Recall that Dailypost had reported  that the woman gave birth to a horse-child while serious prayer was on at the World Liberation Ministry, Evuoriaria Community, off Benin-Sapele Road, Benin City, Edo State.

This fresh fact came up yesterday even amid people’s belief that the news was fake, and that it was quickly put together by the church in order to win more congregation. In a quick reaction to people’s doubt, different eyewitness accounts have emerged.

Mrs. Veronica Egiebor, a nurse who was on ground in the church had said that the woman sells vegetable around the area, and that she had been into the business since the past 10 years, and had used parts of the proceeds from her business to train her boyfriend in school.

However, the parents of the boy, objected to their marriage plans, and the relationship hit the rocks. Due to the development, the lady accepted another man’s hand in marriage since her earlier plan was not working. It was reported that her trouble of childlessness started since then.

Egiebor said “ the General Overseer of the ministry, Evangelist Rev. ilva Iyamu, walked up to the woman during the prayer session and asked if she was pregnant and her answer was yes,  and also said sometimes she would feel that she was pregnant and at times, it would seem as if she was not carrying any child inside her”.

“The evangelist told her she was not carrying an ordinary baby. He said: ‘Do you want to go to a doctor to flush out what you are carrying because what you are carrying is not a baby?’ The pastor paused and asked her again: “or do you want it to happen here?’ Everybody shouted ‘yes.’”

Egiebor continues “Then, the evangelist asked four women to donate their wrappers to form a fence around her. He asked the men to move to the back of the auditorium. He told the congregation that the matter was a women’s affair.”

It was disclosed that the pastor sprinkled anointing oil on her, and asked the church members to pray ceaselessly until her miracle comes. She stated that after some serious prayers, the woman began to groan as if she was in labour.

Egiebor said: “She held somebody’s leg with the clothes as she pushed harder for the baby to come out. Then, something dropped and she fell. The thing fell, some people called it a goat but it looked like a horse. It has a long neck and the ears were long. It was exactly like a horse, although it was in a baby form.”

According to her, majority of the church members ran out of the church area when the miracle happened, shouting that they had never seen a thing like that before.

Prince John Ogbovoh, an assistant to the pastor had described the incident as unbelievable. He explained that the creature had been left for people to see for a while before it was later disposed.

“This morning (Wednesday), the people ordered that they should throw the creature away because it was becoming an embarrassment. Evangelist Iyamu has launched a manhunt for her.”

Reacting to people’s speculation that the story was fake, Evangelist Iyamu insisted that the incident, no doubt happened in the church, maintaining that it was not a strange thing in the church as similar things, even bigger than  that had happened before.

According to him, “We have been seeing miracles in this ministry. When we were praying yesterday (Tuesday), a word of knowledge came about somebody who had an issue with pregnancy. The vision was clear that whenever she went for ultra-sound, the doctors would confirm that she was pregnant on some occasions and sometimes said she was not pregnant.

“As the deliverance was going on, I noticed that a woman was bleeding and I asked her to come to the front. Some minutes later, we heard people screaming.

“I am not a medical doctor and I may not know the appropriate word to use.

“When she came out, everybody was weeping. It was something we have not seen for a long time. Later she collapsed. So, we had to order everybody to go outside the auditorium for ventilation before she was revived. Some women who were around cleaned her up.”

Reacting to people’s views on the story, Iyamu said: “Every story has two sides. To find out about any ministry, go to that ministry. Signs and wonders are normal things in this ministry.

“So, nobody can predict what God can do. Whoever is in doubt should come with a request.”

Meanwhile, different people, including medical experts have debunked the rumour, stating that it was not medically possible for a human being to deliver an animal.



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