Gist: Are you a Zombie in Business Suit? Do you Enjoy your Job or seek a Change?  (Read 2920 times)

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Answer: How many of these statements apply to you?

_____ I’m counting the months/years until I retire.

_____ I hate my job, but love the income.

_____ My job situation is bound to get better if I just keep hanging in there.

_____ I may not like my current career, but I know I’m good at it.

_____ I’m constantly worried about my position being eliminated.

_____ I’ve lost interest in my work, but I enjoy the camaraderie of the people.

_____ My associates know the caliber of my work. I don’t have to keep proving myself.

_____ The chances of my finding a job I will truly enjoy are slim and none.

_____ When friends talk about their new careers, I wish I had the courage to make a change as well.

_____ Changing careers is much more risky than staying where I am.

_____ I doubt I can find an equivalent position at another company.

_____ I would rather swim with sharks than start a job search.

_____ I tend to focus on the negatives of a career change, rather than contemplating the positives of its potential.

_____ My family and friends think I’m in the catbird’s seat. They tell me I’d be crazy to make a change.

_____ Work isn’t meant to be satisfying. That’s why it’s called work.

According to Bessen of, If you checked just one of the above statements, maybe you’re just having a bad day. If you checked two are more you’re probably suffering from a self-inflicted malady called “Comfortable Misery”, a career syndrome characterized by inertial thinking and an overwhelming need to maintain the status quo.

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