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How To Prepare A Quick Fat Loss Breakfast
by linda « on: September 14, 2015, 07:00:28 PM »

How To Prepare A Quick Fat Loss Breakfast

This was not written by me. It's a sponsored post. Read below...
If you are trying to burn off excess fat, lose weight, become slimmer with a flatter belly, the most important meal you must not miss is your breakfast.   Unfortunately, this is the meal that most people tend to ignore and instead spend their morning on an empty stomach. 

The problem with this is that....

By midday, when you remember to eat, you will be so hungry, that you basically just eat anything that comes your way.

And the food you eat includes all those fatty, sugary, fat inducing foods that make you gain excess weight e.g. Soft drinks e.g. coke, gala, cake etc.

And this is why in today's article, I'd like to show you how you can QUICKLY  prepare a healthy fat loss breakfast...

How To Prepare Quick Fat Loss
Breakfast: Banana & Egg Breakfast

STEP 1: You need the following ingredients to make your Banana and Egg Breakfast:

1. Two ripe Banana
2. One Egg
3. Pepper & Tomatoes
4. One tablespoon of Olive Oil
5. Pinch of Salt & Seasoning

STEP 2: Peel your banana and slice into a flat plate and keep separately.

STEP 3: Cut your pepper and tomatoes into small slices/bits. Add the cut pepper and tomatoes to your cracked egg liquid and beat it with a spon. Put a little seasoning and pinch of salt.

STEP 4: Put 1 tablespoon of olive/coconut oil in a heated pan on cooker/stove. Put the whisked egg into the heated pan and turn it regularly so it does not stick.

Once done, turn down the heat and serve the egg with the sliced banana.

See Picture Below Of The One I Made Myself :)


It took me just 15 minutes to prepare this breakfast meal. This means, you can prepare a breakfast like this and eat to kick-start your day.

When you eat a breakfast like this, you'll never go hungry and your body will continue to burn fat throughout the day easily because you will NOTeat all the junk sugary foods out there that makes you fat.

If possible you can always prepare this meal and take with you to work if you have to leave home early.

This meal is just one out of many examples of meals that I encourage my fat loss client to eat when I coach them.

If you are currently trying to lose weight and get rid of excess fat, this is one of the meals that I'll STRONGLY recommend that you should try.

But that is not all....

There are many other healthy foods you should eat to lose weight and there are some unhealthy ones that you need to avoid too...

And This Is Where Someone Like Me Comes In...

My name is Olu AIjotan and many of my clients and subscribers call me "Coach Olu".

So far, I have helped over 1,300 Nigerian men and women lose between 3kg - 35kg of excess body fat and I want to help YOU too.

So...If you have been struggling with "belly" and "body" fat and would like to lose between 5kg - 10kg of excess body fat in the next 30 days from now...irrespective of whatever diet or program you have tried in the past, then...

I Want To Coach You Step-by-Step On How To...

* Lose Excess Weight
* Burn Fat O


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