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Hello people and welcome to the month of LOVE. It’s going to be Valentine’s Day soon and for those of us that have a very special someone, I hope you get to spend the day with that someone and those that don’t, DON’T SWEAT IT. The very special someone in your life is YOU; so make sure you spoil yourself and show yourself a lot of LOVE!

Once again, I am going to apologize tremendously for the irregularities of the posts for the month of January. Things have been quite hectic for me between traveling, falling sick and starting a new line of business. Everything has been quite much but I’m handling it and from this new month henceforth, it would all be back to the way it used to be :)

Now, as was stated in the blog’s New Year resolution, every first Monday of the month is known as MOTHERING MONDAY where I would be sharing one of my unconventional tips for mothers, expecting mothers and everyone in general.

Without further ado, I gladly welcome you all to the very first MOTHERING MONDAY on And for today, I will be discussing the different types of food that SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be consumed by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The reason I chose to write on this topic is as a result of the whole Davido drama with his baby mama where his daughter had a large amount of cannabis in her bloodstream which according to the doctors was inhaled through second hand smoking and/or through breastfeeding.

As much as I wanted to write a regular post about this topic lashing out at the parties involved, I decided to wait and share something positive out of their bizarre story rather than bask in the filth of their misdemeanor.

Going into the topic proper…

I am pretty sure a lot of us know that the baby in the womb or a breastfeeding infant feeds off the mother; through the umbilical cord and breast milk respectively which means whatever she eats, the baby eats.

This is where you have cases of mother’s eating a particular soup and the feces of the baby being the color of the soup they ate – YES IT HAPPENS! Recently, a friend of mine ate Okro soup and breastfed her baby afterwards and when her baby defecated, his feces was GREEN – the color of Okro. Funny but true!

Since we know this, isn’t it our responsibility to ensure we steer clear of anything or any food that might be of danger to our baby – born and unborn?

For the first part of this post, I am going to start with PREGNANT WOMEN by listing out the type of food that should NOT be consumed because they pose a threat to the fetus in one way or the other.

Firstly, MILO!

I know we all love MILO, me inclusive BUT Milo is about the worst thing you can do to a pregnant woman especially from her second trimester upwards because it has been known to MAKE THE BABY BIG!

Believe me when I tell you this. As a pregnant woman, the minute you enter your second trimester (four months), desist from drinking Milo. Or better still, if you can, stay away from Milo for the entire duration of your pregnancy.

This helps keep the weight of your baby minimal thereby decreasing your chances of having a C-section or an episiotomy as a result of a large baby.

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