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by A Loco Viva Voce « on: March 05, 2016, 09:32:30 AM »

Hello readers! Welcome to GUEST POST WEEKEND and today’s Guest Post is an article written by Abaire Olawale.

Olawale is a prolific writer, a teacher, a poet and an inspirational speaker, who had published many inspiring articles and motivational poems to his credit. He owns a personal blog, through which he uses as a platform in reaching out to people.
He has a mandate to  bring every man to the knowledge of his true identity and to help every person draw from within,  treasures that lie dormant and untapped.
These and many more, he has been doing over time at religious organization, family and social media platform, through motivational speeches, inspirational articles and valued-based principled life style.

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Read Olawale’s article below and enjoy!


Understanding your peculiarity keeps you away from unnecessary competition with others. It makes you Stay clear off jealousy, envy and hatred for others who are doing well in their own sphere. You are ‘you’. ‘You’ cannot be ‘me’. The only words which brings you and me together are; ‘and’ and ‘with’, which are purposely for partnership and for togetherness, so as to accomplish a greater task jointly and not to compete with each other.

The real you is inside of you, not in others. Do not look for your true self in what others are doing. You are unique and different from others.
Until you discover your true self, you might still think others are Living your own life. Hence, the struggle for competition begins.
We are not created in life to struggle or compete with others. We are all uniquely engineered for a purpose. Each of us is created for accomplishment. But, until you discover that particular life task you are meant to accomplish, the struggle just began. Release your true self from his hiding place within you and let him come out in true identity of what he can do and accomplish.

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