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Are you in Love? These are 5 True Signs to know for Sure
by olutee « on: March 03, 2013, 03:49:33 PM »

Sometimes when you meet someone, you feel so head-over-heals, you don't know if it's attraction, lust, excitement, or real love. This is because of the newness of the situation. But what about after some time has passed and you still feel strongly for someone, how do you know? These five true signs on how to know when it's love, can help.

1 - When your feelings grow stronger after the initial phase has passed. This is a really good sign. After you've seen them at their worst, or sick or gone through some difficult times with them and seen how they act, you feel even more strongly about them then you did before, then the odds are good that you've fallen in love.

2 - If you start to think more about their needs than your own. One of the signs of true, real, deep down love, is when you find yourself thinking about what this other person may want, need or even like before it even occurs to you to think about these needs in yourself.

3 - If when you're apart, you almost always think of them in a positive light. Do you feel better or worse when with them? And do you think of all the good things about them when they are away? And are you happy and excited to see them return? Chances are good you're either falling or are already in over your head.

4 - When you discover you actually like them too. It's one thing to fall in love with someone, quite another to really like them. When you look around it's easy to see a lot of couples that have fallen into a routine of sorts, where the two people sort of seem to love each other, but don't seem to really like each other all that much. This is more a convenient kind of love, like loving your parents, than true, deep down love. To have the real thing, you have to like them more than anyone you've ever spent time with.

5 - If you feel joy when with them after time has passed. One of the blessings of love, is the joy that people feel when with the person they truly love. If you feel joy, and are grateful for the days you get to spend with this other person, even after you've been together for a long time, then it's very likely that you are truly, deeply, madly in love.

These five true signs on how to know when it's love, are true for everyone, man or woman, young or old and can be felt by all. Agree?

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