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This lady's experience is worth sharing

2004 He (The Husband) was out of job. I was responsible for upkeep of the family.

I (The Wife) was out on a particular day to look for daily bread. Coming back earlier than usual, I noticed the special attention and focused by people on me on entering my street.

I opened the gate, a neighbour on her balcony ran inside. I saw curtains doing open and close and I knew something was wrong.

It was a big compound of six flats. Mine was the storey building BQ at the back and we occupied the first floor.

On getting to my door, I called out to my neighbour upstairs.

Me - Mummy Femi, eku ile oh (Greetings)

From upstairs - TV volume muted......

I had my key with me, but I refused to use it. I went to the kitchen exit door knocking. ....

Me - Hello Dear. Please come and open the door for me. I don't want to enter through the sitting room because of my loads.

No response. .....

Me - I don't know why you are sleeping like this. If you like come and open, this is where I will be till you wake up oh.

Inside - Murmuring and tip toeing........
Main door silently opened and closed. ........

Bedroom door opened with a bang..

Then yawning and stretching. He opened the kitchen door for me and I entered my house.

If you don't get the gist let me explain.
I knew from people's action that he was in the house with a woman.
Neighbours are ready to watch a show they didn't pay for. But;
1. I was not ready to entertain them.
2. I was not ready to make mockery of my family.
3. I was not ready to lose my freedom.
4. I hate mosquitoes with a passion. If I start a fight and anything happen to either of them, they won't allow me to use mosquitoes repellant in prison.

So I gave him time to clear his mess.

On entering my room I was greeted by the perfume of the silly girl and saw one earing on the bed. The girl lives opposite our house. Days after I went to her house with the earring.

Me - Knocks on her door.....

Her mother - Opened with fears written all over her.

Me - Good afternoon ma. Please I'm looking for Victoria.

Mother - Ko si nile. Se kosi? (She's not at home. Hope no problem)

Me - Kosi ma. Mowa fun ni earring e to jabo sori bed mi nigba towa ba oko mi sun ni ma. (No problem ma. I just came to return her earing that dropped on my bed when she had sex with my husband)

Her mother - shaking like pepeye (duck) ......
I dropped the earing and left.

In all situations always control your emotions and learn to cry with open eyes.

Think of yourself first.

No man with untamed libido is worth fighting for.

If all your sacrifice doesn't work, leave honorably..... Don't stigmatize yourself and embarrass your family.



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