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Shoot Your Shot: Before you make a move on your man crush, read this
by PulseNG « on: January 08, 2019, 01:09:17 AM »

Shoot Your Shot: Before you make a move on your man crush, read this


When it comes to the energy with which we want women to go after men they like, then 2019 should be better than other years. While the ‘shoot your shot’ ship has already sailed, it is not too late for more women to hop on and join in.


If you like a guy and waited all 2018 for him to make the first move and he has somehow missed it, maybe it’s time to take matters into your own hands. The tips here will help you achieve that easily.


If your case is special and your crush is on Twitter and you would like to use that as a common ground to move on him, you may want to check out the warning signs that a Twitter user just shared.


According to a thread of opinions shared by Precy ‏ [@Queenprecy_] on the social media platform, these are the types of men you’ll find on the [dating] platform. So be guided when taking your shots.


1. Avoid guys with popular accounts


When a guy has a buzzing, huge account, he’s probably not the best person to throw a flirtatious shot at, says Precy.


“The ones who have a hot take on every topic, whose tweets get a thousand retweets? If he is popular, he is too much trouble and will sub you all the days of your Twitter life the only exception is if he is married.”


2.  Too lowkey? Avoid him


“You see those guys that don’t like to be immersed in drama but love to reply “lol” “Guy chill“… they are the worst , they love drama but they don’t have the courage to be it.


"They will send screenshots of their convo to the popular guys to tweet."


3. Digital marketers? They’re the worst


It’s a no for Precy. Social media influencers are unscrupulous and don’t mind doing few unsavoury things to make ends meet.


“They will sell their kidney to Trend, retweet junkies , They have no reputation or pride or dignity to protect. Personal life in public is source of livelihood. Safe yourself sister,” she advises.


4. Big brother figure issa no go area


“The matured brother, usually bearded. With the motivational quotes and tweets. Always fighting for justice. He will play you like a ping pong, Once he sleeps with you, he moves on to the next girl . He loves his pristine reputation as much as he loves women.


'[Save] yourself."


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5. The intellectual guys are good to go


If you are attracted to intelligence and brains, you may want read the adviser’s words on these ones:


“Krim Krum Twitter aka intellectual Twitter. He is firing those grammar and bullet points and your sapiosexual panties are getting soaked. Me too, sis, me too. All of us sis. They are fun to be with. He gets only involved in intellectual drama.


“Their impeccable taste in restaurants ,wine and food will leave you falling. He will have you dreaming about forever with him. But sis we are too many who want him for krim krum, So after you nah me. Enjoy while it lasts. 10/10. [I] will totally recommend.”


6. Church boys are not so churchy


“You are beautiful and the lord made you in his image, where do you stay? I will like to invite you to my church thanksgiving Service this Sunday. Yes, you guessed right. I’m taking about “BROTHER JOHN TWITTER…”


Precy tweets her opinion about how many of these church guys hypocritically preach on the timeline, then try to get you to come spend the whole weekend at their apartments.


For further bible study, we presume.


7.  Run if he’s a member of an online clique


“Clique twitter aka trash Twitter is the very worst . Grown men who have a Whatsapp group chat where they discuss women and sex.


"Oh Jesus , someone’s husband narrates his sexual conquest in a group chats and gets hailed. Once they fight, secrets start spilling and sis, you will spill.”


8. Fine boys are… fine


“Snapchat king Twitter. Posts a buff pic or video of himself driving and playing Burna Boy in traffic every single day. Nigga knows he fine and he is here to flaunt it .


"So self obsessed. They won’t hurt you but expect the heart break nonetheless.”


9. If he tweets politics, you’ll likely be his sidechick


“Political twitter. These ones are my favorite. They rarely have time for women. They are too busy researching history to use and counter their opponents . They are so focused on politics.


“They have zero drama, zero tolerance for rubbish. Mostly married and willing to cheat.”


10. Chart your own course


In a sharp twist to this episode, Precy [jokingly?] tweets that she’s going on a date with one of these Twitter men but not before she said what we already know: there are no rules per se when it comes to relationships. You will have to find your own way, using your own eyes and sense of observation.


“There are no rules to dating game. Just be wary and safe , Even I myself have broken all these rules , To avoid your linens being rinsed and spread in public, shine your eyes well and be careful,” her final advice reads.

Source: Shoot Your Shot: Before you make a move on your man crush, read this

- gist culled from pulseng


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