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Pls am confused now, need your advise!

Honestly, i don't know what to do.....My elder bro wife to be is dying for me & my only brother who trusted me so much never notice it.

All this started when i celebrated my birthday last year & my elder bro funded everything such as drinks,foods etc, except the cake & the party house decoration which was funded by his fiancee. She even bought me a 'Rolex stone watch' as a birthday gift right before my brother.

I never knew that she had feelings for me then, until one fateful morning, when she blew it open by sending me 'morning love texts' confessing that she loves me & will do anything to make me happy. First time i saw the text, i thought it was a mistake, that she wanted to send it to my bro but when i call to confirm, she told me that the text was for me. At first i couldn't say anything, i was speechless, never believed it until when i met her one on one in my bro absent that she make it clearer to me that she was madly in love with me & even ended it up with a hot kiss.

Honestly, my brother's fiancee is truly beautiful that no man can resist her easily & my bro who trusted me so much never noticed dis.......

what should i do? Should i make this known to my bro or should i keep it secret & enjoy her ?
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Issa Atolagbe pls never try it it's an abomint

Reggie Sureboy totally uncool if you continue to make up wif her..

Iloh Onyinye Martha if u try dat , u r bringing fire to u

Nwaneri Uzoma Wot ar u waiting 4?

Idam Mary Think of it dis way, if u were in ur brothers shoes hw would u feel n wat would u do?

Nzube Cosmario get d bitch off ur track dude b4 u got locked up in her chamber

Joshua Chukwu Guy if u r serious it's simple, let her know those feelings r wrong n if she don't correct it u gonna let bro in

Ekwulugo Nwaeze Bobby Tel ur Bro d kind ov gal he want to marry, never do it

Uchenna Ihejieto They say d truth is bitter,try 2 let d cat out of d bag(tell ur brother),before things get out of hand

Fidelis Chidiebere Sanyo If u like ur broda den u should leave d ous or if u dnt av anywere to go den u cn jst stay nd av fun

Esther Ojochide is better u let d cat out of d bag.let ur brother knw d kind of woman he want to marry.

Oluwafemi Sola Grace Tell ur brother abt it before it is too late

Abraham Ndu
arrange with ur brother secretly... so he can see for himself else the gurl can turn tables and u'll end up defending urself... u can do it with ur brother if trully he trusts u..dnt be stupid!

Yung Vandavedo Osemene Guy,u gat no worries as long as d bitch loves u...!!!

Ayangbemi Waliu Ajibola I will advice u do it as Abraham Ndu said. If u thnk ur bro trust u nd u neva thnk 2 question His trust 4u, U shld get d lady set up 2 ur bro's notification. Be wise..

Ibrahim Najira
Follow urhrt>=; some time it may tak u 2a place u dnt wan bt d oda tin is "if u follow urhrt "it make u feel normal again

Tracy Njan Inform ur bro pls

Uche Onuorah Dnt tel ur broda bc he may nt bliv u nd he wil tink u want 2 spoil his relatnship,(remember joseph nd potiphars wife in d bible)i wil advice u 2 stay far away 4rm d woman,dnt go cloz 2 her 2 avoid temptation,if posible travel 2 anoda plaz,bt if she continue disturbing u wit texts nd cals,u can tel ur broda by showin him doz texts dat she sent 2 u,den he might bliv u.

Taiwo Al-hassan Adebayor bobo jaiye lo joor

Stephen Tihalla Cosmas The ball is in ur court if can seek advise that means u can give advise, as this way or the other will stil seek the same way out.

Ademola Adegoroye Sunday
Sebi ur bro neva marry am. Efit be sey na u nd dat lady God want mak ona be 2geda. 1 tin be sey let ur bro no abut am, if d girl no be olosho den mak ona pray abut am, efit be sey dat girl na ur oun. E bi lik 1 true story wey I no. So pray wel nd be wise.

Silas Okon wht- eva u do wt lft dnt lt rght b aware dnt trst babes dey ar chamelion obsrv al pro2cols mek luv 2 hr she luv u ur d only1 2 mek hr fil hopi in liv

Ejike Okoronkwo Trust may take a long time to build, but very easy to betray; don't start what u cannot stop. Better u re-program ur self now it is too early. God wl help u if only u trust him. Thank u

Alabaster Box M Be wise, do not betral d "Trust" ur bro confirm on u becos of few minutes exictment. Save ur bro from dis so called finacee. U have d first evidence of text msg $ acquire more as soon as u can to ur bro. Its ur turn to repay ur bro TRUST.

Precious Presh Samuel if she has money enjoy it

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Re: Im in love with my Brother's Fiancee - Help Me [People Talk]
by akanji « Reply #1 on: June 06, 2013, 03:40:32 PM »

Omo Guy - You have to do all the difficult tasks here

1. Chop her since she wants you and you want her
2. Tell your brother before 1 above
3. Leave the house after 1 and 2

And pray you still have a brother if the girl never give your brother Vegetable chop?

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