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Sports / Breaking: Manchester United have sacked manager Jose Mourinho
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Manchester United have sacked manager Jose Mourinho after identifying a catalogue of his failings at the club.

The Portuguese, 55, took over in May 2016 and led United to League Cup and Europa League titles, but they are 19 points behind league leaders Liverpool.

The club have made a change after no progress with results or style despite spending nearly £400m on 11 players.

They also say the new manager will understand the philosophy of the club, including their attacking tradition.

It is understood players and staff are not happy after a disappointing and unsettling period during which young players were not developed.

United are sixth in the Premier League, but closer to the relegation zone than leaders Liverpool, who beat them 3-1 on Sunday
Once-hyped augmented reality startup Blippar has laid off all of its employees after collapsing into administration

  • Once-hyped augmented reality startup Blippar has laid off all of its employees after it collapsed into administration.
  • The company said it would wind down its augmented reality services after being unable to raise the necessary funding to stay alive.
  • The decision leaves loyal Blippar employees in a tough position before Christmas and may affect their pay.


Blippar, the once-hyped British augmented reality startup, has laid off all of its employees after falling into administration.


The administration process in the UK is similar to a company filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US.


Corporate insolvency firm   David Rubin & Partners announced on Monday that had been appointed as Blippar's administrator , and the company published a blog hours later stating that it would let all of its employees go.


Blippar's latest company accounts, dated March 2017, show that the firm employed 261 staff members across its UK, US, Singapore, and New Delhi offices. LinkedIn data indicates the current figure is closer to 125.


The startup, which once claimed to be worth $1.5 billion, also said that it would wind down its augmented reality business.


  You can read the full post here. Here's an excerpt from the statement (emphasis ours):


"We will be learning more about the administration process over the coming days and will keep all our stakeholders informed. We are not in a position to provide all of the details, at this time. The administrators, which have been appointed by a UK court, will be expected to find a buyer for all or parts of the business.


"Blippars services are likely to come to halt once the administrators take control of the business and its servers.  As part of the administration process, all employees will be let go. This is an incredibly sad, disappointing, and unfortunate outcome ."


Blippar said its administrators, David Rubin & Partners, were seeking a buyer for all or part of its business.


The administration potentially leaves laid-off Blippar employees in a tough position before Christmas.


Read more :   Blippar's CEO was too emotional to speak during an internal crisis meeting, and furious insiders are terrified the firm won't survive the week


Being made redundant within the first 14 days of administration   means employees don't qualify as "preferential creditors" should Blippar be unable to pay its debts.


Being a preferential creditor would give employees a better chance of recovering their salary and redundancy payments. The early redundancy means they likely rank as "ordinary creditors" and will join the queue of people and businesses to whom Blippar owes money.


Business Insider requested clarification from David Rubin & Partners, which declined to comment.



There is still hope for Blippar's business and, to some degree, its employees. It is possible that a buyer will swoop in and buy some of Blippar's operations, and even rehire some of its employees.


In its statement, Blippar shed more light on how an investor dispute resulted in its administration.


The company said it was trying to build out its business-to-business offering and needed "a small amount of funding" to succeed. That funding, it said, was secured from an investor thought to be property tycoon Nick Candy, already a major shareholder in Blippar.


One of its investors, thought to be Mayalsian sovereign fund Khazanah, blocked the investment, Blippar said.


"Regrettably, one shareholder voted against the additional funding, effectively blocking the investment even if they were not asked to participate in any further financing of the business, and despite our extensive efforts to reach a successful resolution," the company wrote.


It's a sad outcome for a British startup company which once had offices around the world   and claimed to be building something "bigger than the internet itself." The company had raised $150 million by the time of its collapse from investors including Khazanah, Nick Candy, and Qualcomm Ventures.


Blippar was an early pioneer in augmented reality, offering an app which could identify real-world items and provide additional context. It originally made money through advertising and brand partnerships, but pivoted to focus on creating a visual search engine underpinned by a business-to-business offering.


Sources told Business Insider   last April that the company had burned through its funding and struggled to find recurring business. They also said Blippar had exaggerated user numbers for its app. The Financial Times also examined CEO Ambarish Mitra's backstory,   and found inconsistencies in his CV .


If you worked at Blippar or have information you'd like to share with us, you can contact the reporter at


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SEE ALSO:   Augmented-reality startup Blippar has collapsed into administration

Source: Once-hyped augmented reality startup Blippar has laid off all of its employees after collapsing into administration

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General News / Seun Kuti speaks on being nominated for the Grammy Awards
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Seun Kuti speaks on being nominated for the Grammy Awards


Seun Kuti was recently nominated for the upcoming 2019 Grammy Awards and the Afrobeat artist speaks on how much it means to him.


The son of the Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti has enjoyed a successful 2018, releasing his fourth studio album, Black Times before embarking on an European tour and he recently capped off the year bagging a nomination in the 'World Music' category at the upcoming Grammys scheduled for February 2019.


In a recent interview with BBC, Seun Kuti shared on the state of music in Africa and how much the recognition means to him.

Check out all the interviews on the bbc Africa network , pidgin And Yoruba also @bbcminute @bbcnewsyoruba @bbcnewspidgin It was a fun day. Shout out @cyrilo84 @maleeki_ and miss agbojo herself @sarahtiamiyu #gethesax


On the Grammy nominations


''It felt amazing, highly unexpected, great news, it completely blew my mind.''


Describing his album, ''Black Times''


Speaking on his fourth studio album which was released earlier in the year, Seun summarized in three words that his album was a ''Simply fantastic album.''


On how his family influenced his music


''My great grandfather was the first artist to be recorded in West Africa. My grandfather was a great composer of Anglican hymns.


My father, my brother and now me, my family is highly musical. There is no escaping it.''


On the state of music in Africa


''A lot of musicians are not encouraged to develop their art and themselves as artist, so everyone is stuck in this circle of pop music.''


What would it mean if you win the Grammy?


His elder brother, Femi Kuti has been previously nominated on four occasions at the Grammy, failing to win any and Seun was asked what it would mean if he eventually becomes the first Nigerian to bring home the prestigious honor and he replied,


''Another reason to have a great party.'' he concluded.


Seun Kuti joins the likes of King Sunny Ade who is the other singular home grown artist who has been nominated for the Grammy award. KSA has been nominated twice, 1983 and 1988.

Source: Seun Kuti speaks on being nominated for the Grammy Awards

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Newspaper Board / 2019: FG To Continue Voters Education To Reduce Void Votes.
« Last post by observer on Today at 01:10:30 PM »
2019: FG To Continue Voters Education To Reduce Void Votes.

Benin City – As part of measures to ensure a hitch-free 2019 general elections, the Federal Government yesterday said it will continue with the education of electorates on the various symbols of the registered 91 political parties, especially on how best to thumbprint to minimize the problem of voided votes. The Edo state director, National […]
Source: 2019: FG To Continue Voters Education To Reduce Void Votes.

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Dogara asks Buhari to constitute North East Development Commission

Dogara asks Buhari to constitute North East Development Commission

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Yakubu Dogara, has urged Muhammadu Buhari to immediately constitute the North East Development Commission (NEDC) so that the region can be developed and the people in the North East reintegrated.

Continue reading Dogara asks Buhari to constitute North East Development Commission at Vanguard News Nigeria.

Source: Dogara asks Buhari to constitute North East Development Commission

Hello <Customer>,

We are delighted to announce   that the Board of Diamond Bank has selected Access Bank as the preferred bidder with respect to a potential merger of the two banks that will create Nigeria and Africa’s largest retail bank by customers.

The Board of Diamond Bank believes that the merger is in the best interest of all stakeholders - customers, shareholders and employees - and has agreed to recommend the offer to Diamond Bank’s shareholders. The completion of the merger is subject to certain shareholder and regulatory approvals.

As our esteemed customer, our ways of doing business and serving you remain uninterrupted through this period. Our Contact Center, branches and electronic touch points (Mobile App, Diamond Online, Chatbot - Ada, *426# and ATM) are fully operational to serve you optimally.

Please click HERE to read more on our website.

Thank you for choosing Diamond Bank!
General News / El Salvador acquits woman charged with murder over premature birth
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El Salvador acquits woman charged with murder over premature birth

A judge in El Salvador on Monday acquitted a 20-year-old rape victim originally charged with murder after giving birth prematurely in a toilet.

A judge in El Salvador on Monday acquitted a 20-year-old rape victim originally charged with murder after giving birth prematurely in a toilet.


Imelda Cortez's daughter survived but the woman was charged homicide after the baby was found in a septic tank.


It was seen as a landmark case by women's rights groups in El Salvador, where abortion is completely banned and women can face up to 40 years in prison, even for a miscarriage.


A court in the southeastern city of Usulutan "absolved" Cortez, her defense lawyer Bertha Maria Deleon wrote on Twitter.


A spokesman from the La Casa de Todas feminist group confirmed to AFP that Cortez was "free."


Cortez fell pregnant to her stepfather, who allegedly raped her repeatedly over a seven-year period.


She has already spent more than a year and a half behind bars awaiting trial.


The case took a dramatic turn when prosecutors changed the charge against her from homicide to "abandonment and neglect."


"We know that Imelda didn't commit any crime," one of Cortez's lawyers, Keyla Caceres told AFP earlier.


The premature birth was discovered after Cortez sought hospital treatment in April 2017 for a hemorrhage.


Doctors examining her took out the placenta.


Cortez said she'd felt something come out of her when using the bathroom.


Police and soldiers inspected the septic tank at Cortez's house and found a crying baby "covered in feces and white dust," according to legal authorities.


The baby was taken to hospital and survived.


El Salvador has some of the toughest anti-abortion laws in the world, banning the process even in cases of rape or when a mother's life is at risk.


Caceres said Cortez was representative of "girls and young adolescents whose human rights are completely violated" by the country's unforgiving abortion laws.

Source: El Salvador acquits woman charged with murder over premature birth

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General News / 15 of the most underrated movies of 2018, according to critics
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15 of the most underrated movies of 2018, according to critics

  • Film critics and audiences can have very different reactions to films. 
  • Many 2018 movies were adored by reviewers but not loved by normal viewers.
  • These are some of the more divisive films of the year. 


Some films are adored by critics but don't get the same warm reception from regular viewers. What makes a great movie can vary greatly between professional film reviewers and the average moviegoer. No matter how many cinema hours you logged this year, you may have missed a few of these critically-acclaimed gems.


Here are the 15 most underrated movies of 2018 that film reviewers loved, based on comparing the critic and audience ratings reported on   Rotten Tomatoes .

                    "The Old Man & The Gun" is a drama that critics loved more than audiences.


Fox Searchlight Pictures


  Rotten Tomatoes Score : 92% critics rating; 64% audience rating.


Synopsis:   The true story of Forrest Tucker, a man who escaped San Quentin prison at the age of 70 and went on to orchestrate a series of dramatic heists that captured the public's attention and baffled law enforcement.


What critics said: "Loose-limbed, rascally and Texan to its bones, 'The Old Man & the Gun' is a throwback to an era when making beautifully understated crime comedies was the peak of Hollywood's ambition (before all the spandex took over)."   Time Out

                    Cinematic drama "Sweet Country" definitely satisfied reviewers.


Bunya Production


  Rotten Tomatoes Score : 95% critics rating; 66% audience rating.


Synopsis:   An Aboriginal man from Australia's Northern Territory is accused of murder and flees his home after killing a white war veteran in self-defense. When a gang is assembled to hunt down the killer, new details come to light about the circumstances of the crime.


What critics said: "Uncompromising, deliberate, and eerily beautiful, director Warwick Thornton's rugged Australian Western puts a new spin on an old story."   The Seattle Times

                    "Madeline's Madeline" is an experimental drama that critics raved about.


Oscilloscope Laboratories


  Rotten Tomatoes Score: 87% critics rating; 54% audience rating.


Synopsis:   When a young girl joins a prestigious physical theater troupe, her troubled family life begins to bleed into her performance and causes tension with her mother.


What critics said: "One of the best films of the year, if also one of the hardest to initially get your head around."   The Boston Globe

                    Animated comedy "Early Man" earned solid reviews but didn't delight audiences.




  Rotten Tomatoes Score : 82% critics rating; 49% audience rating.


Synopsis:   A tribe of prehistoric hunters tries to win back their home territory from an expanding empire by challenging the newcomers to a game of soccer.


What critics said: "In a cinematic landscape that favors wisecracking motormouths and polished but increasingly generic CGI, Early Man's' sweet-natured slapstick and endearingly primitive' look feel like a welcome counterbalance."   The Daily Telegraph (Australia)

                    "Blockers" is a comedy that hit home for critics.


Paramount Pictures


  Rotten Tomatoes Score : 83% critics rating; 50% audience rating.


Synopsis:   A group of parents accidentally find out about their daughters' pact to lose their virginity on prom night. The parents carry out a secret operation to thwart their children's plans.


What critics said: "A generational clash as old as time the parents who think of themselves as progressive and cool, versus their mortified children who view them as anything but."   The Atlantic

                    Techno-thriller "CAM" was a critical darling.




  Rotten Tomatoes Score : 93% critics rating; 58% audience rating.


Synopsis:   A woman who works as a camgirl for a porn website finds that she has been replaced on her show by an exact replica of herself. When her online identity and real-life relationships are threatened by a doppelganger, the woman tries to learn more about the mysterious copy.


What critics said: "If the first half of 'Cam' is pleasantly episodic and purringly tense, the latter half in which Alice searches for her hacker is clever, inventive, and wonderfully evocative."   Slate

                    Dark comedy "Mom and Dad" impressed critics despite a poor reception from fans.


Momentum Pictures


  Rotten Tomatoes Score : 75% critics rating; 38% audience rating.


Synopsis:   A mysterious condition causes suburban parents to violently turn against their own offspring. Two children try to avoid being murdered by their mother and father before their grandparents come to visit.


What critics said: "Mom and Dad' is a hyper-violent and darkly funny film that says all the things about parenting that parents aren't supposed to say."   The Blogging Banshee

                    "Support the Girls" is a comedy that was almost universally loved by reviewers.


Magnolia Pictures


  Rotten Tomatoes Score: 93% critics rating; 57% audience rating.


Synopsis:   The kindly and protective manager of breast-centric sports bar juggles the concerns of employees and restaurant while struggling to keep her personal life on track.


What critics said: "What writer-director Andrew Bujalski has done here is create an oasis of sisterly love in a pit of toxic masculinity. The key word here is not Girls' it's Support.' These servers have bonded in the same way that soldiers do in trench warfare."   Rolling Stone

                    Political documentary "The Final Year" earned critical praise.




  Rotten Tomatoes Score : 84% critics rating; 48% audience rating.


Synopsis:   The final months of the Obama administration are examined through unprecedented access to the inner workings of the White House and insider footage.


What critics said: "Demonstrating the human element that goes into doctrine, The Final Year' does something more impressive than capture history being made by elucidating how it is made, creating a time capsule that may be even more interesting decades on."   Moveable Fest

                    Audiences were split on gory action film "Revenge," but critics loved it.


Reo Films


  Rotten Tomatoes Score : 92% critics rating; 55% audience rating.


Synopsis:   When a romantic getaway with her boyfriend leads to a violent and horrifying act, a woman transforms from a victim into someone seeking revenge.


What critics said: "Inside its gorgeous, candy-colored packaging as confident a debut as we've seen in recent years 'Revenge' has a warrior of a protagonist who is easy to root for, villains who are easy to hate, and satisfactory justice dispensed."   F This Movie!

                    Critics liked the unsettling aesthetic of thriller "Hold the Dark."




  Rotten Tomatoes Score : 69% critics rating; 31% audience rating.


Synopsis:   A naturalist venues into the Alaskan wilderness to help a woman retrieve the body of her son, who has been killed by wolves. When the woman's husband returns home from war and learns of the situation, things take a violent turn.


What critics said: "Suddenly, what seemed like a man-vs-nature survivalist tale morphs into something that's part Arctic Noir and part violent art-horror."   Rolling Stone

                    "Zama" is a historical drama that wowed reviewers but didn't satisfy fans.


Walt Disney Studios


  Rotten Tomatoes Score : 96% critics rating; 55% audience rating.


Synopsis:   An officer of the Spanish Crown dislikes his posting in a quiet Argentinian town. He struggles to secure a transfer while dealing with a dangerous local bandit.


What critics said: "There's absolutely nothing else like it in theaters this year, which I mean as both a hearty endorsement and a necessary forewarning."   The Atlantic

                    Biographical drama "The Mercy" fell flat with audiences but was beloved by critics.




  Rotten Tomatoes Score : 74% critics rating; 30% audience rating.


Synopsis:   The true story of amateur sailor Donald Crowhurst's troubled attempt to win the 1968 Golden Globe Race by sailing around the world alone.


What critics said: "Here's a man-vs.-nature sailing story with a significant difference. Rather than a rousing testament to the human spirit, James Marsh's The Mercy' examines a failure to triumph, the kind of tragedy that rarely gets blown up into a movie."   L.A. Weekly

                    Biopic "Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami" earned the respect of critics.


Blinder Media


  Rotten Tomatoes Score : 87% critics rating; 43% audience rating.


Synopsis:   Pop culture icon Grace Jones is showcased in a documentary that reveals how Jones balances her public persona and career as an entertainer with her private life.


What critics said: "Perhaps Fiennes's intent is to draw the viewer into the solipsistic intensity of what it is to be Grace Jones. It is a bracing experience, because she is hedonistic, exultant, funny, and fierce."   The Boston Globe

                    "Let the Sunshine In" is a romantic French film that earned sparkling reviews.


Curiosa Film


  Rotten Tomatoes Score : 86% critics rating; 26% audience rating.


Synopsis:   A divorced Parisian painter is on a quest for love but must deal with a stream of unsatisfying suitors.


What critics said: "There's a Hollywood version of this tale, but that's not the one co-writer and director Claire Denis presents. Let the Sunshine In' works because it's real, relatable and true to the heart."   The Detroit News


Visit   INSIDER's homepage for more.

Source: 15 of the most underrated movies of 2018, according to critics

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Newspaper Board / OPL 245: Eni, Shell Knew of Corrupt Payments, Rules Italian Judge
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OPL 245: Eni, Shell Knew of Corrupt Payments, Rules Italian Judge

Peter Uzoho with agency reports An Italian judge, Giusy Barbara, found yesterday that Eni and Royal Dutch Shell were fully aware that their 2011 purchase of Nigeria’s Oil Prospecting Lease (OPL 245) would result in corrupt payments to Nigerian politicians and officials. Italy’s Eni and Shell bought the OPL 245 offshore field for about $1.3 […]

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Source: OPL 245: Eni, Shell Knew of Corrupt Payments, Rules Italian Judge

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Newspaper Board / Gunmen Kill 15, Injure 20 in Southern Kaduna
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Gunmen Kill 15, Injure 20 in Southern Kaduna

John Shiklam in Kaduna After the return of relative peace in the southern part of Kaduna State, unidentified gunmen on Sunday, invaded Angwan Pah village, Jama’a Local Government Area, killing 14 people. About 20 others were also said to have sustained injuries from gunshots and were rushed to hospitals. The incident was said to have […]

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Source: Gunmen Kill 15, Injure 20 in Southern Kaduna

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