Author Gist: Tea girl caught having sêx with bank manager in office  (Read 2351 times)

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Tea girl caught having sêx with bank manager in office
« on: February 04, 2013, 01:25:09 AM »

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Recently, the Human Resource Manager at the National Bank of Kenya was caught red handed having sex with his tea girl in his office. The Daily Post ashamed the 'holy', man by incisively reporting on the incident.

Word just in reveals that the tea girl who was in the middle of the saga has decided to quit work as investigations are under-way. The security guards who busted the HR manager have been congratulated for reporting boldly about the unethical behaviour.

The manager is still on leave and out of the office as he cannot face the shame he caused. He even missed out the crucial handing over ceremony of Reuben Marambii to the new C.E.O Munir Sheikh Ahmed.

Wondering how the whole incident took place? Here is an excerpt from our earlier report. 'Employees at the National Bank of Kenya offices claim that the manager is a decorated man who holds himself with high standards. He serves as a church elder at his church and presents himself as a very serious family man.

Apparently on the day of the incident, the man made his moves on the tea girl and forgot to lock the door. They proceeded to having their illicit affair but were later caught red handed by an employee who needed his signature on a document. The grapevine spread like bush fire and the manager's guilty face told it all to all who cared to confirm the truth.'