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Hello people,

As we all know, this is the month of love and as we count down to the what is generally known as the most romantic day of the year; Valentine’s Day, I thought to share with you all some of the things that in my opinion MUST be done before one goes ahead and ties the knot with a significant other.

These steps however do not have to be carried out before you PUT A RING ON IT. It can be carried out while you are still dating or after she says YES to your proposal. Bottom line, it MUST be done before you both say I DO.

Now, I am going to list out these steps in chronological order:


Ladies and gentlemen, please DATE your partner before even considering settling down with him or her. Forget about all these grammar our parents sometimes speak about arranged marriages and how love comes later.

Sometimes, they try to convince us that they met and married through arranged marriage and they’ve been happily married for thirty years and it could happen to us too. Please guys, the societal practices that occurred during the time of our parents are no longer practicable so DO NOT be deceived.

Make sure you date the person. Hang out with him/her. Hang out with their friends. Go and see what they are like in their comfort zone and let them come to yours as well. Get to know the person. Are there lots of awkward moments? Do you guys never have anything to talk about? Or do you guys always have things to talk about? That’s the essence of dating – to find out if you’re compatible.

PLUS for the ladies, need I remind you that dating is the BEST part of a relationship which is when the guy woos the girl with chocolates, flowers, gifts and loads of attention before he gets the cookie? So why on Earth would you want to give all of that up by taking the high road?


So you’re dating the guy and things are going smoothly, the next step is to find out as much information as you possibly can from the guy aka DIG DEEP!

As a matter of fact, some people equate first dates to interrogation dates because the conversation is mostly in form of questions. Where are you from? What do you do? How many siblings do you have? What do you do for fun? And so on and so forth.

However, those are not the kind of questions I am referring to. Yes, you have to ask those questions I mentioned above (and more) but digging deep involves asking more personal questions that let you deep into the person’s life.

You should ask questions about their habits, family, friends, finances, exes, personal history, etc. Basically, you should ask questions you need answers to regardless of how touchy you think they are.

Please bear in mind that these questions should not be asked on the first or second date. Rather, they should be asked after sometime when you are sure that you both are getting along pretty well. Also, they should not be asked all at once as you do not want to throw the person off course.

For example, it may be a bit forward on a first date to ask a man about his relationship with his ex wife who also happens to be the mother of his child. But as you go on to “date” the guy, make sure you ask every single question you have in your mind to clear your head off any reasonable doubt.

It might sound like you’re prying but the truth is if the person is willing to let you into his/her life by answering those questions then it is nothing but a good sign which shows that the person trusts you enough to let you into their life that way.

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