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. . . As a child was a lover of story books, fiction, tails .. e.t.c some of this books were comic, some tragic etc. I always wonder why people write their experiences down whether happy or sad. It felt Good to read them though but little did I know I was going to write about my experiences someday for people to read. Now I believe truly every saint has a past and every sinner has future.
This is my moment, my pain, and if I most add this is my story.

Just at the time when one thought the era of the stealing babies off their mother gone because of the concentration of other thing in our system such as kidnap, prostitution E.c.t. I got to discover that this trends i.e. child stealing is increasing at a geometric progression.

However the government of the day, parent, hospital, law enforcement agencies have turned blind eyes to it due to what they stand to get at the end of the day .

I once witness the story of a girl who is now a big woman in the society today who earns a living from the hotels she currently runs named “CELINA HOTEL BARIGA ILAJE “and surprisingly from the sale of babies.
Furthermore I most add that I write not to punish or defame the character involved but to sensitise the public on the inhuman act and also to draw the authority to it because this trends occurs in high and low places
Apart from the fact that the child is denied access to her biological mother with all the love a child is suppose to get , the child is also reduce to a mere commodity

Before I got a grounded or carried away by implication of such act one would like to go back to the issues of this woman mentioned earlier but before then my mind falls back to ask some question maybe rhetorical but definitely we need to ponder over it

How would a child feel if stolen from his biological mother and sold to someone else for reason unknown to anyone?
Is there actually a working legal system in the country?
Are there some people who are above the law of the land ?
My mind is filled with so many questions that I wish I could find answers to them
This same woman is seen to be rich, flaunts herself with the aura of a societal lady and her business hospitality and child theft.
At the moment this woman pregnant through faking it and most definitely so much drama would came to play in protecting that and playing that role to the end .
It’s a good drama to watch right, but one concern is that she is nowhere to be found at the moment and my suspicions are that

1.When she gets back, she would be back with a baby that is not hers
2. Some woman somewhere is about to be denied off her biological child
3. A child has been denied her biological mother
4, that some hospital staff her also involved in this to with her has she has great connection due to her health and might get all this with a snap of her finger.

However my concern is not even to locate the woman where about rather than to make agencies be on the alert .as a child is about to be stolen again from a mother and while CELINA has she is called celebrate a successful deal , and the biological mother is filled with so much tears and bask with so much pain.

Furthermore I use this opportunity to reach out to other agencies, security agencies, health agencies, and parent also to be on the lookout for such people.

The government should work hand in hand with the legal system, who is suppose to be the last hope of the common man.
This is an information to prevent a looming danger that this ahead of us .if not for anything the child is very innocent and should be treated has such, not has a commodity that people would price for the cost or just a token

This is my child, my life; has a child is the hope of tomorrow. Has my people go talk,
It is now the turn of the media print, radio and TV, to fight against this trend, it is a fight to the last.
Let’s be on red alert, as a child is about to be stolen.
Surprisingly we don’t know whose child it is, yours or mine

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