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The Rice Saga - Sense wee not kee our Wives
« on: October 16, 2019, 06:53:00 PM »
"SOME WIVES ARE NOT smiling".. 🤣

Sense will not kill some ladies!!!🙆‍♂

Since Daddy Bubu entered and bag of rice went from 7,500 to 18k (Now 20k), i 've been collecting 23k from my husband.
And I buy rice at least every two months.

That extra cash ontop is called "rice osusu"..

Yesterday evening...
I was jejely sitting down and enjoying my Dodo and Egg when I saw the driver bring a bag of rice upstairs.


Husbandman came in and wanted to find my trouble again.

How could you be doing this?
I'm really disappointed in you.
How dare you? 😠

Hian... Wetin I do na?.. 🤷‍♂

For years you've been collecting 23k for rice and my friend Collins brought this.
His Wife sells rice now and it's 18k.

I no shout.

That afternoon I cooked the rice and put so much water.
The rice turned to 'Rice Crispy'.
Husbandman hates such rice.
He Likes his rice to be single single.

He asked.. "Why is the rice like this na?..  I no ansa.

He didn't eat.

This morning...
I cooked the rice again and made it even more 'Rice Crispier ' than the first.

Ngoziiiiii eeeehh...
Why's the rice like this naaa?

Hmmmmm honey, It's the 18k rice you bought o.
It's fake.
It was Rebagged .

Oh my God
Daaaamn.. Him begin halla

I begin paranoid too.
Look honey I'm going to meet her now. How dare she cheat my husband... She ll give me back the money today o..
I'll turn her shop upside down.

Ngozi love... There's no need going to meet her. I know you.
You 'll cause havoc there.

Give the rice to people that 'll need it.
Tell them how it is first o... Before they think you 're wicked.

Take this 23k...
Go and buy where you normally buy.
I won't make such a mistake again.

See me see joy
My goat don born Malu...  😁

I just jejely pocket 23k and turn the rice into another bag.

This evening...
He ate that same rice and said...
Woooooow... Honestly this is how rice is supposed to be.   🙄

Aproko people... Make una no go tell my husband o.




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