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Wake up and Chase Something (A GOAL) this New Year
« on: January 07, 2020, 06:34:25 PM »

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Everyone has the switch to be a champion, I have found out what triggers it for us is different, also what we allow to push us to achieve our success is different. Many people wait for things to challenge them, others wake up challenging themselves – Which one are you?

I have watched the Lion chasing a gazelle in Africa Safari documentary countless times and all I see as a kid is feeling pity for the gazelle, sometimes I feel the power of the Lion but when I heard Eric Thomas talk about that story and life goals, it hit me differently. He said everyday in the Safari, the Lion wakes up and the gazelle wakes up, both of them know they are going to run, the idea of how they run is what makes the difference.

The gazelle’s wake up to see a Lion and they say “Let’s run, time to survive”. For the gazelles who survive daily, their goal looks like they just have to outrun the Lion every single day. For many of us, we live like the gazelle, we wake up and are constantly trying to get away from something just like the gazelle – pressures from x places, our past, procrastinations, bad behaviors, our struggles, issues surrounding us but we let this things dictate our lives and wake up everyday almost doing the same thing – just running trying to survive.

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