Antonio Conte is going down swinging as Tottenham manager as he made a furious rant on Saturday night.

Conte let rip at Spurs chairman Daniel Levy and his ‘selfish’ players in a stunning attack after his side threw away a 3-1 lead against Southampton to draw.

Conte went into full meltdown mode on Saturday evening

The already troubled relationship the Italian had with the north London club now appears to be broken beyond repair.

Former Chelsea striker, and talkSPORT host, Tony Cascarino believes Conte is trying to take down as many people with him as possible.

“I don’t think he cares because he’s in a very privileged position because he’s made a hell of a lot of money as a manager,” he told Weekend Sports Breakfast.

“He’s thinking ‘if I do go down, I’m taking a few with me’.

“He’s definitely going to take a few with him. He’s not a manager who fears the sack. Financially he’s sound and will go and get another job. 

“He will get another top job.”

Spurs are still fourth, but threw away two points against Southampton

“I felt it was a real frustration from him because they conceded two late goals. I think he imploded because of that.

“You are leading 3-1 and been quite comfortable and they’ve had a few injuries, and tried to see out the game and they couldn’t.

“I think they’ve got so angry because they couldn’t see out the game.”

Cascarino added: “Tottenham are a basket case of a club. You have a guy who has achieved six times getting 20 plus goals.

“It’s a real strange dynamic how this club implodes and does regularly.”

talkSPORT’s chief football correspondent Alex Crook believes that Italian must shoulder some of the blame himself for the club’s failure to win silverware.

Conte may not have long left as Tottenham manager

He said: “Antonio Conte, the way he’s been speaking for some time now it is almost like he’s doing Tottenham a favour.

“He’s this winning machine manager who has lowered himself to take charge of a club like Tottenham, who never win anything. 

“He said ‘I’m not used to this, I’m not used to finishing seventh or eighth’. He knew the background when he took a highly paid job, he knew the remit was to at least qualify for the Champions League and win a trophy.

“Let’s look at some of the reasons why they are not competing for trophies, they managed to lose over two legs to a very poor AC Milan side.

“That was a tie they should have won, that was on Conte, then he made a bizarre change. Sacrifices an attacker when they need a goal to stay in the Champions League.

“That’s not on the players, that’s on the manager.

“They lost in the FA Cup against a Sheffield United side who were more interested in their own promotion aspirations than really progressing in the competition.

“He leaves out Harry Kane and loses another route to a trophy. Conte is far from blameless in all of this.”


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