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please help me.. what should I do?
« on: December 07, 2015, 01:59:28 AM »
Hi Guys,
A guy needs your Advice about his
Girlfriend, Kindly Advice him.. I
don’t even understand the guy self.
See what he sent to Us:-
I have a girlfriend. She is 21 while I
am 25. She is using Blackberry and
iPhone while I am using Nokia torch.
I bought the phones for her because I
love her so much.
I send 400 naira card to her every
day but she doesn’t call me. She only
flashes me. Whenever we go to a
restaurant, I buy her Red wine,
Juices and fried rice while I drink
only pure water and eat groundnut.
One day, I bought 400 naira card for
her. When we were together, she
called another guy and told the guy
that she loves him and will marry
him. When I asked her who she was
calling, she said that she was only
joking. She has never ever visited my
house and she doesn’t allow me to
visit her house. Whenever I want to
hug her, she would shout at me
What should I do? Should I increase
the recharge card I buy for her to
600 naira? Or should I buy another
Blackberry phone (N100,000) for her
and iPhone6 (N458, 000) for her too?
I know that she loves me very much,
but she’s just pretending as if she
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