Topic: Pathetic:Husband Refuses Wife Transfusion becos He is Jehovah Witness(Wife Dies)  (Read 4053 times)

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Its a long pathetic story and i dont even know how to summarize it but the story is this

Wife is pregnant and after delivery, she has lost so much blood and needs a blood transfusion

Husband was called to get his consent to do this from the Medical practitioners but said No, even when he knew that his wife will die if they didnt give her. He said because He was Jehovah's witness and under no circumstances should they receive any type of blood

Wife's Mother was @ the Hospital with her Child, The doctors went to her since the Husband was being adamant and She also said No, and became evasive by saying Only the Husband is allowed to make the decision. She was a Jehovah Witness.

The Wife's Younger brother who was a doctor and the Wife;s Family breadwinner was called for consent and instead of giving his consent, also evaded the decision and said her husband should give the consent. He was also a Jehovah Witness.

Long and short: The Lady died living behind a 2 Day old baby.

The man still came to the hospital, sat down by his wife while dying and said, He would meet his wife in heaven and remarry her.
Full Story: Should we Ban Religion?
I am not a Doctor but here i see a lot of callousness and wickedness and murder sef, isn't there a way for Doctors to make saving a life by all means necessary supercede a religion or anything that can kill someone.

This is religious Murder : there is no two way to it.

I wonder at times if religion is not a devil itself .... .Msheew
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The hospital is not suppose to release the baby to that family because they are just bloody murderers,if the kis fall tomorrow and needs blood,that is the same way he will be sacrificed for religion's sake.

heya poor woman. too bad. everybody will go one day and face judgement... till then.
And if that poor child should suffer, may thunder strike that man.
And when the child grows up and finds out how his mother died... hmmm. let me just stop there.


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