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A friend of mine recently asked me a simple question that resulted in a very lengthy conversation which caused both parties involved to ponder deep about life. She asked “How is married life?”.

Bear in mind that this friend of mine is single and we’ve been friends long before I got married.

I replied her with the usual “married life is good. We’re taking it one step at a time”. And she went on to say “No. I mean HOW is married life?” And the conversation got more interesting…

I asked her what she meant exactly of which she said “Do you ever wonder that maybe you would have met your ‘missing rib’ if you hadn’t married your husband? Or maybe there is someone out there who is a lot more compatible with you than your husband is but you missed the chance of meeting him because you settled for someone else?

At that exact moment, I realized why a lot of Nigerian girls exceed their prime and turn down lots of guys because of their QUEST FOR THE PERFECT GUY.

I am going to say this as straight forward as I possibly can, THERE IS NO PERFECT SPOUSE!

You could go around the world to the end of the Earth and back, dating every single guy that exists on the planet and when you get to that point where you feel he might be the one, he goes ahead and crosses off one or more of the items on your DO NOT check list. And then you move on to the next guy.

Next thing you know, you’re thirty-five years old and you’ve dated/slept with over twenty guys.

My advice to anyone in that kind of situation would be to stop being picky and make the best out of what you already have.

My friend for example would tell us the silliest of reasons why her previous relationship didn’t work out. Some of her reasons were: I didn’t like the way he chewed, he talked while eating, he had a funny voice, he snorts when he laughs, he slurs when he talks, he doesn’t moisturize his skin, he drags his feet while walking and so on and so forth.

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