Brighton have been told that Todd Boehly is responsible for their record profits last year in a hilarious rant live on talkSPORT.

talkSPORT’s Andy Jacobs, a huge Chelsea fan, is raging over his club’s foolhardy scheme to hand all their money over to Brighton while sitting alongside Paul Hawksbee on the Hawksbee and Jacobs Show.

Since Boehly bought Chelsea in May 2022 he’s given Brighton over £200million, with £115m of it going towards acquiring Moises Caicedo

He said on Wednesday afternoon: “Never has one club helped another club more in the history of football. It is absolutely barmy what they’ve done Chelsea.

“It makes no sense at all. It is not Brighton’s fault, they are laughing.”

To make matters even barmier, the mammoth fees for Moises Caicedo and Robert Sanchez have not been added to Brighton’s annual financial figures, which broke English records, as they arrived at Stamford Bridge after the June 30 cut-off date.

It means that Chelsea’s coffers are still being drained by Brighton and next year’s reports at the Amex Stadium could look even rosier courtesy of the Blues.

Jacobs continued his incredible rant, saying: “£87m of that came from Chelsea and that is pre-Caicedo and Sanchez. Caicedo was massive, £65m too much without a doubt.

“And Sanchez… I mean, who pays £25m for a third keeper? They must be bonkers, Chelsea.

“Caicedo is a good player but he is not a £115m player. No defensive midfielder is worth that sort of money. They are just not.

“I don’t blame Brighton. I blame Clearlake Capital. I wish Clearlake Capital bought Brighton and ruin their club instead of our club.”

Chelsea chairman Boehly has come under fire from Jacobs on talkSPORT
Caicedo has endured a tough time since joining Chelsea

In their preview of Brighton’s match against Brentford, Jacobs chimed in and said: “Come on Brentford.

Hawksbee could not believe his ears and asked why, to which his talkSPORT partner replied: “They are so smug! They love what they have done.

Hawksbee hit back: “Well, why shouldn’t they? I mean it has been bankrolled by a very rich man…

“Yeah, Todd Boehly,” Jacobs said.

“I can’t beat that,” Hawksbee relented. “I’ll leave that there. Their fairy godfather, Todd Boehly.”

Brighton made history on Tuesday when they revealed that they had broken the record for the biggest profit made by an English club in one year.

Across the 2022/23 season, the Seagulls recorded an after-tax profit of £122.8million after a barnstorming campaign that saw them reach Europe for the first time in their history.

But aiding them financially in the transfer market was Chelsea, who signed Marc Cucurella for £62million, as well as paying out a huge compensation sum for coach Graham Potter and his backroom team.

With Caicedo and Sanchez also signing for the London side from the south coast, the total amount that Chelsea have spent on Brighton players in recent history is £202m.

And that does not include the fee to bring in Potter, who cost a world record for a manager when he replaced Thomas Tuchel in September 2022 – believed to be £16m and then a further £5.5m for his backroom staff.

That takes the total number even higher to £223.5m – with Chelsea currently 12th in the Premier League while Brighton sit ninth.


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