Graham Potter’s stock continues to rise following a superb result against Liverpool at Anfield.

The Brighton manager saw his side recover from a two-goal deficit to earn a point against Jurgen Klopp’s side and arguably should have taken all three points.

Potter masterminded a brilliant comeback against Liverpool at Anfield

Following the match, despite his disappointment after squandering a commanding lead, Liverpool’s boss was full of praise for Potter.

“He definitely has all you need [to be a great manager],” Klopp said when asked about his counterpart.

“He obviously has a clear idea about football and he is doing a brilliant job. He has brought a clear identity to how he wants his teams to play. He is an innovator and is adventurous.

“He is an absolutely nice fella and his team mirrors his ability. I don’t want to talk the coach of Brighton away to some other clubs, but I think he should not worry about his future.”

Klopp was full of praise for his counterpart and has tipped him for great success

Following Nuno Espirito Santo’s sacking from Tottenham Hotspur following their demoralising 3-0 loss to Manchester United the club are now searching for a new manager.

Former Spurs midfielder Jamie O’Hara was keen to continue the praise Potter has been receiving and would love to see him in the White Hart Lane dugout.

“I would absolutely love Graham Potter but it’s not happening,” he told talKSPORT when questioned about the Brighton’s boss suitability to his former club.

“He runs the ship at Brighton, he’s in charge of everything, he’s got his team the way he wants it, they love him at Brighton.

“I’m telling you now [there is] absolutely no chance, forget Graham Potter, that isn’t happening.”

Nuno didn’t last long as Spurs manager and the hunt is now on for his replacement

Despite Potter’s stock rising, O’Hara believes Spurs should be targeting someone with more experience.

“I think you could possibly look at [Paulo] Fonseca, possibly entice him again, I would personally try and get Antonio Conte.

“Someone has to get him because he is so good.”


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